Are you interested in economic surroundings and seeking for a Study Program Abroad? I have the right answer for you! Stockholm School of Economics

Today I’m going to talk about Stockholm School of Economics, trying to explain why you should consider this Business School where to study abroad.

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Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm School of Economics, also known as SSE, is a European Business School founded in 1909. It is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and it’s extremely oriented to form students in the business environment. Below I report mission and vision of the school.


The objective of the Stockholm School of Economics is to, through scientific teaching and research, strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.


The SSE vision is to firmly establish itself as a member of the top tier of European business schools and to be recognized as a global benchmark industry collaboration and for thought leadership in selected knowledge fields.

SSE is a scientific institution. For this reason, it aims to prepare you with an objective and analytical way of teaching. Moreover, an SSE graduated student will acquire a critical way of thinking, being able then to analyze and judge situations under an economical and rational light. However, empathy and personal motivation are fully required in order to become a good leader. In other words, SSE trains students to become strong, passional and clearly skilled entrepreneurs as well as businessmen. Above all, Stockholm School of Economics is strongly based on values of equality and diversity, embracing the openminded Swedish society. Combining both ingredients, SSE will growth you under a personal and professional perspective.

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Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees

SSE offers several study programs (Bachelors and Masters) tailored for you.

MSc in Finance

The program is taught by experienced faculty with outstanding expertise in a broad range of financial topics. The program covers several areas including

  • Capital Markets
  • Valuation (including options)
  • Fixed Income
  • Capital Structure.

Moreover, this program offers two specializations:

  1. Corporate Finance
  2. Investment Management

Usually, students choose to do the specialization at the end of the first semester of the program. Finance graduates are highly successful in launching and pursuing careers in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, investment management and consulting around the world.

Master in Economics

The program is focused on problem-solving skills that can be applied in a wide variety of settings. Furthermore, it offers an invaluable start to your career. Therefore, it combines economic analysis and quantitative empirical methods, giving you the tools to analyze complex real-world problems in public policymaking, as well as in private business and international organizations.

MSc in Accounting, Valuation & Financial Management

It is designed for students seeking an in-depth understanding of how financial and non-financial controls can be integrated and applied in managing multinational companies in various industries. Above all, the program aims to teach you how large companies report to shareholders and other external stakeholders as well as how those groups assess companies’ financial and non-financial performance.

MSc in Business & Management

The MSc in Business & Management has been specially designed for students deeply interested in business creation with a passion for development. In addition, the study program will develop the managerial knowledge and skills needed to excel in today´s organizations, to act and to make decisions in highly uncertain and complex environments.

MSc in International Business

If you are interested to lead, collaborate, inspire and to be inspired by talented professionals with different backgrounds, this program is definitively for you. In fact, It provides students with the tools to master the challenges of management and strategy in global organizations.

MSc program in International Business is ranked 12th out of 100 top international business schools by the Financial Times (September 2018).

Bachelor in Business & Economics

The study program provides students with a solid academic foundation for a career in business

  • Entrepre­neurship
  • Government
  • Non-govern­ment organizations
  • Academia.

You will learn fundamentals of Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Manage­ment, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Law and Data Analytics. Furthermore, students will develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and cre­ativity. As mentioned above, SSE also encourages personal development such as reflection, self-awareness and cultural orientation. By choosing this Bachelor, you will con­tribute to the development of society and of individual corporations and organizations.

Bachelor in Retail Management

It’s a three-year program with a strong focus on retailing, including Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Management, Strategy. Many courses are adjusted to give both general content and retail-specific content. Moreover, the program prepares students for a successful career in retail or in companies that deal with business retailers, such as suppliers and management consultants. In conclusion, the graduates from the Retail Management program are in high demand in the retail sector and among other companies requiring retail experts.

The most recent employment report conducted among our 2018 bachelor graduates shows that it pays off to study at SSE. Among all graduates, 95% had found a job within three months of graduation.

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Have you ever heard anything about the Master in Photonics?

Today I’m trying to give you a simple but detailed view of the photonics field, with all its application. In this way, you will have an idea about what you will study at DTU University in Denmark.


Let’s start from the pure definition…

We can define the science of photonics as The physical science of light (photon) generation, detection, and manipulation through emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, and sensing”, (Wikipedia).

In simple words, Photonics focuses its researches on using the power of the light to generate photons and apply them in several production processes. It basically represents a new, precise and sustainable way to support specific industrial processes. Over the years, this field has been incredibly developed, increasing the range of areas where it can be enforced. Concluding, studies reveal this science has huge benefits in term of future generation advices, tools, services as well as scientific achievements.

Now that I gave you a clearer image of what photonics is, let’s check together fields of application and implementation.


Firstly, the field of Photonics covers all technical applications of light over the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared light. Moreover, experts use lights from lasers in CD players to lightwave circuits and optical fibres.

Concluding, this science aims to understand the propagation and interaction between the light and matter. In this way, it’s possible to build up photonics devices and systems we can find in different fields and processes.

In a more detailed look, Photonics is applied in:

  • Biology & Medicine: specifically for food control, medical therapies, as well as diseases monitoring that, require accurate devices and technologies. Above all, Photonics supports improvements in wind farms and technologies to measure the efficiency of combustion processes. Moreover, humans started implementing this science to check carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.
  • Innovative technologies: as mentioned before, this science represents an innovative way of developing new tools and technologies. Latter allows societies to face upcoming challenges and issues. For this reason, it appears in technological solutions based on replacing or at least decrease combustion processes. Furthermore, the propagation of light can be used to have safe communication against acts of terrorism.

Below you have other relevant fields where the science of Photonics is constantly implemented:

  • Aerospace technology
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Microtechnology, and Nanotechnology

 I have good news for you!

DTU University in Denmark is offering an innovative Master of Science in Photonics. What are you waiting for? Check out now our webinar and learn more about this MSc. In a more detailed look, Photonics Engineering is a “highly interdisciplinary MSc Programme concerned with fundamental physics of light and optical components as well as a wide range of applications which are essential to our high-tech society”.

Here I’m going to show you some of the career opportunities you might have by studying Photonics at DTU.

  1. Research & Development: since the science of Photonics is in constant evolution and development, you will be part of important discoveries and findings within the private industrial sector as well as the public domain.
  2. Industrial processes & Management: as mentioned above, this science is able to develop specific processes that require advanced technologies and tools to create products and goods.

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Are you fascinated by the potential of Digital Technology and ready to Study Abroad? Epitech is the right University that suits better your needs.

By studying at EPITECH, you can be a key partner of the Digital Evolution.

Epitech has been the leading IT university in France for 20 years and has opened 2 years ago a campus in Barcelona. Based in the area of innovation and technology of Barcelona (Vila Olimpica), EPITECH is deeply oriented in offering the best tools and methods to form students within the information technology surroundings.

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Below, I show you learnings and benefits the University is willing to provide you.

Innovation environment

Living in an environment in constant evolution, the campus is deeply based on providing innovative project-based learning methods. Moreover, the school aims to embrace innovation and digitalization in order to prepare its students for a future (I’d say present as well) fully digitalized and technology-based.

Technological Tools

From the moment EPITECH deals with IT and Innovation, you will take part in the latest technological advises occurring in areas. Just to mention some of them:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Videogames
  • Virtual Reality
  • Big Data
  • Robotics

Combining theoretical with practical ways of learnings, you will acquire IT skills by directly using technological tools and theoretical sources. Therefore, you will be provided with the highest technological skills, but also trained to develop soft skills and entrepreneur mentality.

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Outside the EPITECH boundaries

EPITECH gives you also the chance to have internships in leading IT companies, as well as one year of international experience and a powerful innovation ecosystem. In other words, you’ll be able to apply what you learn directly in a working environment, supporting then your working career and being particularly attractive for companies worldwide. In addition, EPITECH gives you the opportunity to have one year of international experience where you will be in contact with people from different nationalities. For this reason, it will be easier to improve your entrepreneur attitudes and embracing diversity.

Barcelona Ecosystem

Last but not least, EPITECH is located in Barcelona. Over the years, Barcelona has become one of the greatest Digital Hubs in Europe, offering you high chances to discover Digital and Innovative surroundings. Moreover, Barcelona is nowadays hosting several digital start-ups (Glovoo, Xceed, Badi etc.) reaching a high position in terms of Innovation-based European cities. Besides, Barcelona is bohemian. For instance, depending on your habits and lifestyle, you can easily find a neighbour, location and attraction that fits better your mood. Above all, Barcelona is so international that enables you to build up a strong people network and friendly relationships.

Learn more about Barcelona lifestyle by reading our Blog about “5 Reasons why should study abroad in Barcelona

In conclusion, if you are interested in the Digital Environment and ready to experience innovation and information technology, EPITECH is waiting for you.

Check our Webinar and learn more about the Master/Bachelor in Information Technology at EPITECH!

Saying “I´ll do it after Christmas” can ruin your grades… and your Christmas

I´m sure you know that time management is key regarding not only your studies, but your work or even your life. However, it is difficult to understand how to manage time, since very little people teach (or in fact, do know) how to efficiently manage time.
It is usual to think something like “the course starts around September, but it´s really after Christmas that things really get going”. This mentality can do a lot of harm to your grades, your mindset and self-esteem. So here are 3 tips on how to manage workload better.

1. If you can´t study, don´t study!

First, it is a common situation to find yourself too distracted when studying. Only when the exam-proximity effect kicks in, our minds are really focused… and nervous! For this situation, the first tip is: if you can´t study before Christmas… don’t! But do other tasks instead!

Read a couple of books related to the topic, write your own essays, watch subject-analogous videos, or see if there is homework that you can finish beforehand.

One technique that really works is finding how the topics you like relate to the ones you have to study: If you are a sports guy and have to study physics, read about the physics and mechanics of kicking a ball. If you like playing music but have to study economy, read about how the musical market works currently.

2. Small goals first

The second reason why we cannot get our heads around the problem is the large amount of information and time available. Teachers tend to schedule some assignments for fall but it is, in fact, true, that most of the workload will be scheduled for January and February. It is therefore important that you have your own system of dividing the work between months, and therefore weeks.

Having shorter goals will indubitably help you plan and, even if you miss some, you will cover more information, and have more under control after Christmas.

3. Put it in common

Communicate! Chat with your teachers, chat with your classmates, and if you are lucky, you should also contact former students! They went through the same problems and can tell you what to expect.

We hope these tips were useful for you and off course make sure to enjoy Christmas! 🙂

Whether you’re about to set off on your study abroad journey or you’ve just started researching, check out these 5 films to get you feeling inspired!


Call Me by Your Name

A coming of age film about Elio; a 17-year old boy who spends the summer lazing around his family villa in northern Italy. Each year, Elio’s father (an Archaeology professor) invites an intern to assist with his work over the summer months. On this particular occasion, the family is joined by Oliver, an American scholar who becomes an intriguing and charming addition to the family. Set in 1983 against the backdrop of the hazy Italian countryside, the film beautifully captures the blossoming romance between Elio and Oliver. Their relationship is heightened by themes of literature, culture, art, history and Italian architecture, making this the perfect introduction to living and studying in Italy.

The Darjeeling Limited

A story of 3 long-lost brothers traveling by train across the stunning landscapes of India in hope of bonding and learning about themselves. Directed by Wes Anderson, this endearing comedy focuses on exploring new places, cultures, and traditions, which are relatable themes for any international student. As the majority of the film is set on a train, prepare to feel as though you are personally following their journey, providing a strong sense of wanderlust and adventure.

Eat Pray Love

Originally a book and based on a true story, Eat Pray Love is an uplifting account of Liz Gilberts’ journey of self-discovery. In search of answers, Liz sacrifices her husband and her job in New York to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia. Selling 7 million copies worldwide, her story has captured the hearts of many. Providing reassurance for anyone thinking of moving away from home, this film has satisfying shots of Italian architecture, stunning landscapes, and delicious food. A comforting and immersive watch to get you feeling inspired to study abroad!

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A heart-warming tale about a group of seven retired strangers, united by their experience of living in a run-down hotel in India. Sacrificing their home comforts in England, some members of the group struggle to adjust to their new exotic environment. A reassuring film for anyone who might experience culture shock on their time abroad. However, they soon learn to embrace their new life. From tasting Indian cuisine to traveling in overcrowded transport, the group begins to re-discover their passion for life. This film is sure to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, promising to make you laugh, cry and feel inspired to pursue your own ambitions.

Into the Wild

Set in the 1990’s, Into the Wild follows the journey of Christopher McCandless who at 22-years old, rejects the pressures of modern society in favor of exploring his freedom. Christopher gives up a life of privilege by donating his trust fund to a charity, turning his back on all expectations. In search of adventure, he goes backpacking by himself across the desolate region of Alaska. Although his story may be a little extreme, the film covers relatable topics for anyone living somewhere new, such as independence, loneliness, friendship, family, love, and loss. Inspired by a true story, Into the Wild is a powerful and moving example of challenging the norm and following your heart.

If these films have inspired you to study abroad, click here to find out more information on the types of courses and universities you might be interested in.

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Finland… a country that has been ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world due to their overall stability. Consider, for instance, the feeling of being happy and obtaining a high quality of life and education. In this article I will give you a closer look at beautiful Finland and the strategy of Oulu University that will contribute to your knowledge and a rising wealthy world:

The title of the article might give you hundreds of thoughts and push you into the boundary of wanting to explore the Finish nature that meets outdoor lifestyle and technological innovation at universities. Sporting activities are popular in and outside universities in Finland, as a part of leisure time. Including walking, cycling, jogging, hiking, swimming and skiing. Let’s explore for yourself ꓼ):

International students seeking to enroll in a university in Finland must know that academic freedom is an important aspect. Schedules are not exactly fixed in comparison to other countries. One is independent to arrange its schedule and courses in a way that fits, wants and needs. Small groups of students, low hierarchy and equality contribute to the study skills of students with different educational backgrounds.

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Oulu University is an example of those universities, ranked as one of the best universities in Finland and possesses a place in the top 400 world-wide. The university aims to ‘’build research environments with critical mass, high ambition and strong international networks.’’ The university does this by providing higher education based on research. In addition, the pass rate of Oulu University remains the highest in Finland. Offering degree programs with well-structured placement opportunities to promote internalization.

Singapore is one of the most popular study destinations in Asia. With 3 universities top ranking worldwide, studying in Singapore has become quite the choice for young international students and local students as well.

International students seeking admission to enrol at schools in Singapore should take in consideration that English is the preferred language on most programmes. International students are encouraged to prepare themselves before taking the centralised test as they should be familiarized with the English language and Math of the level preceding the one they are applying for.

We are currently working with Singapore Management University (SMU), one of the best ranked Universities in Asia. Internationally recognised for its world class research and illustrious teaching. SMU´s mission is to generate a leading research platform whose global impact can impulse students to become the leaders in knowledge-based economy. SMU is currently the home of around 6 schools: School of Accountancy, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of Economics, School of Information Systems, School of Law and School of Social Sciences, offering a wide range of Bachelors, Master´s and PhD programmes.

Their main focus is to generate rigorous, high impact and relevant multi-disciplinary research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance. The Lee Kong Chian School is currently introducing a master’s programme in Finance happening on September 5th and a Master´s programme in Science Management on September the 18th , the admission is open for International students as well as local students.

These informative sessions will be held by the University as we will be hosting the event.

Students from around the world can make open questions and enquiries about the programme or anything related to the programmes admission process to the University directly and participate freely in the poling section on our innovative and easy to use platform

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We all know The Netherlands is a technologically advanced country, where innovation and sustainability are two of the pillar-values the Dutch society is based on. But how are those technological improvements generated? The answer is easy – by having an extremely performant educational system producing knowledge that after is transformed into real-life applications. To that, we have to thank the largest technical university in the country, which is Eindhoven University of Technology. Let’s walk together through the main things that make it an awesome place to study!

Ultra-modern university premises!

Eindhoven University of TechnologyI am not joking around with that statement. Eindhoven University of Technology has one of the most modern and futuristic-looking campuses in The Netherlands. And no, I am not referring just to the library, the classrooms or the gym. Workshops are equipped with the latest technological equipment, for a memorable teaching experience. As it can be observed, the Dutch educational system is principally based on practicality rather than on memorization, thing that makes is so performant, right? Students are taught how to do their future jobs, rather than being fed information which they will never use in the future.

Super decent tuition fees!

Eindhoven University of TechnologyAs stated in our previous the blog, tuition fees in a nutshell are extremely decent at Eindhoven University of Technology. As they are standardised by the central Dutch Government (while being also vastly subsidised by it), they start at around €2,000 per academic year (and €6,000 for non-EU students). Less expensive than countries like U.S.A or U.K, that’s for sure! And on top of that, guess what else is available for motivated future students just like you – SCHOLARSHIPS! There are certain schemes running in the Netherlands offering scholarships to students based on merit and universities sometimes offer them as well.

The city they call the ‘Brainport’

Eindhoven University of TechnologyAny idea why the Eindhoven region is called ‘Brainport’? I’ll tell you why – because apparently it is considered the ‘smartest region of the world’. Why the smartest? Because it creates technology. ‘Technology for what?’ you may wonder. It’s simple, this technology is used to solve the societal issues of today and of the future. In other words, there is a continuous need for people in the area, meaning that there will always be countless employment opportunities for talented technicians. And where would local employers go search for talented technicians? Exactly, you’ve guessed it right – their local talent pool called Eindhoven University of Technology!

Future is being built today

It is indeed. Eindhoven can easily be considered the Silicon Valley of Europe, since many inventions and innovations have had their origin there over the past several decades. Does anyone remember the infamous Compact Disc (or CD)? It was developed by Philips in a joint project with Sony and it became reality in Eindhoven! These days, Eindhoven itself, alongside its centrepiece – Eindhoven University of Technology, are all about improving society via science and technology, addressing issues like sustainability, green energy, agri-food, or health, so why not the opportunity to become a technician in those fields today?

Online Open Days

It’s so easy to do that! Are you passionate about Technology and willing to study abroad in The Netherlands? Then why not get in touch today with Eindhoven University of Technology officials and get any questions you may have answered directly by them? All you have to do is choose whichever online open day presented by Eindhoven University of Technology you are interested in and register for it – you will get all the info that you need on your email ?

The gap has always been there… professors teaching students theory only for them to memorize it with no real-world application. At the same time also – practitioners and researchers aiming for the stars, however with no theoretical basis in mind. So it’s about time we closed this gap and explained why education and research cannot exist one without the other!


An A+ for education!

A Latin proverb as old as the world says ‘Non scholae sed vitae discimus’ – ‘We do not learn for school but for life’. So in other words, a good general knowledge about the world can help a person’s awareness level increase, meaning they can be of a better service towards the betterment of society. Thus the theoretical background is indeed important in order to make the world grow. And education plays a significant role in all that, as it is the precursor of having an enlightened population and society – one that can achieve great things for our species!


R is for Research!

Innovation is probably one of the most spoken words in the world these days. As we live in the century of speed and things are moving extremely quick, researchers are stepping up their game in terms of research and development. Research is what has moved, moves and will always move the world forward. It is for sure the crucial bit, integrated within all discoveries, inventions and practical things that will ever be created. Research is what makes our lives comfortable and easy, so we all should give it up for all people spending their whole lives in laboratories taking humankind to new peaks!


The Dynamic Duo blend – Education and Research

But unfortunately, too often and too many educational systems in this world lack the practical side, be it because of the lack of funds, the culture, etc. Also, in some parts of the world research is conducted without a clear vision rooted in theory. That is anything but beneficial for our species, for obvious reasons – waste of valuable resources which could be used differently.

However, there is hope! And what a better example to illustrate that education and science can perfectly work together than the recent article ‘Researchers Demonstrate New Firewall That Protects Cellphones From Security Threat‘? In a nutshell, the researchers (Research) from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Education) have come up with a unique, ground-breaking firewall program which provides a missing layer of security for Android cellphones and screens against malicious programs trying to harm them. So here you have it – the flawless mixture between education and research!


Online Open Days

What a coincidence though! Thanks to The Study Abroad Portal, now you can have a direct access to the prestigious Ben-Gurion University of the Negev! How? Through the webinar which is available here!

Interested in other topics? Don’t hesitate to check out other upcoming online open days available just for you!

Are you just graduating school and you are looking to study abroad? Well, we’d like to ask you something: Is study abroad about your studies? With no intention to underestimate the importance of education, academic degrees and career goals, we’d like to prove you that it might not be the case…


study abroad


How has the new culture shaped me?

Spending a few years in a foreign country abroad will give you the opportunity to adopt a new mentality. The time that you’ll invest abroad will transform you but towards which direction? This depends on the specific country. Not every place will offer you the same experience and not every experience will have the same impact on you. Every country has a different story to narrate and each one of them has the capacity to create a new self of yours. Who would that be? It depends on the values, the traditions, the history, the political and financial situation and many more factors that have shaped the country and will also shape you.


What’s new, what’s old?

To take it a bit further, most of the people that go for their studies abroad are pretty young and thus are very, subconsciously, open to new influences that might not be only new, but they might be the first ever influence on a specific topic. To give you an example, an 18-year-old that goes abroad for his studies maybe hasn’t got the opportunity to shape an opinion about the local and international politics scene yet, or a 24-year-old has never seriously thought about religion. Both will start having thoughts about the different aspects of life in their new country that will directly or indirectly influence them.


Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are!

In your new country, you´ll make new friends. Where do those friends come from? What would be their background? Will you meet the same people if you study in a US private university and the same if you study in a public institution in Czech Republic? Then, those people maybe become friends for life, you might travel with them, you might get to know their families and visit their countries but what you´ll definitely do is get familiar with their cultures. New cultures that will open even more windows to your thoughts, your goals and your life dreams.


Career doesn´t come last

Highly organised or slightly chaotic? Creative or somehow dry? Inspiring or leading? Whatever the case, one is certain: Your work attitude will be shaped through the work environment that you´ll come to contact with while you are in your studies country. Do the locals follow the Bachelor, Master, first internship, first job, second job pattern? Or they prefer to go traveling, take a gap year, and go back to the university when they already have two kids? The country’s mentality will influence your own way of thinking even though you might need a lot of time to realise that.


You are the one to shape your future!

So, can you rethink the question now? Is study abroad about your studies? Of course, it is, as this is where it’ll all start. It´s a good reason and a good excuse to start building your life the way you wish. But don’t get stuck to that. When you do your academic program search, take into account all the different aspects that won’t offer you just a degree, but a life, an attitude, a mentality, a culture and a life!


Online Open Days

To get a very clear idea about not only your Bachelor, Master, PhD or MBA program, but also about your destination country, the city and the campus, The Study Abroad Portal offers you free online sessions with universities and business schools worldwide! Check our upcoming and recorded webinars and register for the one you´d like to attend or watch!


study abroad