Why don’t you study your Master-abroad at Linnaeus University in Sweden? Study abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student.

The Study Abroad Portal recommends you this interesting Master’s in Computer Science at Linnaeus University, Sweden!

Study in Sweden – Open your mind to new opportunities!

Why you should study at Linnaeus University?

They offer a modern university, with the highest possible quality in education. Moreover, its education helps you to actually make a difference in our world.

Study the Master’s in Computer Science at a University where everything is possible!

Do you want to take part in creating services, products and entertainment of the future? Skills within computer science/IT are needed and used in all lines of business. Above all, an education within computer science/IT will open the door to a large number of interesting professions and tasks.

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Where is it? Is it a nice area?

Linnaeus University is located in two cities in the south-east part of Sweden – Kalmar and Växjö. Both cities are located in the region Småland, a county where the sea and nature always are nearby.

Kalmar – The student city by the sea

The city has been voted as ‘Sweden’s Summer town’, perhaps thanks to the many days of sun, the beaches spotted out around town as well as events and concerts.

Växjö (‘the city of lakes’) – A living campus

The cool thing of this campus is based on the fact that everything in Växjö is within five minutes’ walking distance. For instance, student accommodation, classrooms, the library, restaurants and pubs, lakes and leisure facilities.

Language requirements

At Linnaeus University you will have the chance to study together with students from many different countries. Therefore, in most cases, English will be the language of instruction (and required!).

International possibilities

Linnaeus University is known for its strong international profile. Every year, more than 1,600 international students from all over the world come here to study.

The learning environment is characterised by an active student life with teaching and research staff in close proximity to students.

Online Open Day – Webinar

Are you not able to come to University to know all the details for applying? No problem! We offer you the possibility to attend an Online Open Day directly from your lazy chair. Just sit back & relax and we will tell you all about Linnaeus University and its benefits! 

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Get information about Sweden and Linnaeus University
  • Content of programmes
  • Career prospects
  • Student life
  • Application process

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Are you interested in economic surroundings and seeking for a Study Program Abroad? I have the right answer for you! Stockholm School of Economics

Today I’m going to talk about Stockholm School of Economics, trying to explain why you should consider this Business School where to study abroad.

Are you ready? Let’s go

Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm School of Economics, also known as SSE, is a European Business School founded in 1909. It is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and it’s extremely oriented to form students in the business environment. Below I report mission and vision of the school.


The objective of the Stockholm School of Economics is to, through scientific teaching and research, strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.


The SSE vision is to firmly establish itself as a member of the top tier of European business schools and to be recognized as a global benchmark industry collaboration and for thought leadership in selected knowledge fields.

SSE is a scientific institution. For this reason, it aims to prepare you with an objective and analytical way of teaching. Moreover, an SSE graduated student will acquire a critical way of thinking, being able then to analyze and judge situations under an economical and rational light. However, empathy and personal motivation are fully required in order to become a good leader. In other words, SSE trains students to become strong, passional and clearly skilled entrepreneurs as well as businessmen. Above all, Stockholm School of Economics is strongly based on values of equality and diversity, embracing the openminded Swedish society. Combining both ingredients, SSE will growth you under a personal and professional perspective.

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Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees

SSE offers several study programs (Bachelors and Masters) tailored for you.

MSc in Finance

The program is taught by experienced faculty with outstanding expertise in a broad range of financial topics. The program covers several areas including

  • Capital Markets
  • Valuation (including options)
  • Fixed Income
  • Capital Structure.

Moreover, this program offers two specializations:

  1. Corporate Finance
  2. Investment Management

Usually, students choose to do the specialization at the end of the first semester of the program. Finance graduates are highly successful in launching and pursuing careers in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, investment management and consulting around the world.

Master in Economics

The program is focused on problem-solving skills that can be applied in a wide variety of settings. Furthermore, it offers an invaluable start to your career. Therefore, it combines economic analysis and quantitative empirical methods, giving you the tools to analyze complex real-world problems in public policymaking, as well as in private business and international organizations.

MSc in Accounting, Valuation & Financial Management

It is designed for students seeking an in-depth understanding of how financial and non-financial controls can be integrated and applied in managing multinational companies in various industries. Above all, the program aims to teach you how large companies report to shareholders and other external stakeholders as well as how those groups assess companies’ financial and non-financial performance.

MSc in Business & Management

The MSc in Business & Management has been specially designed for students deeply interested in business creation with a passion for development. In addition, the study program will develop the managerial knowledge and skills needed to excel in today´s organizations, to act and to make decisions in highly uncertain and complex environments.

MSc in International Business

If you are interested to lead, collaborate, inspire and to be inspired by talented professionals with different backgrounds, this program is definitively for you. In fact, It provides students with the tools to master the challenges of management and strategy in global organizations.

MSc program in International Business is ranked 12th out of 100 top international business schools by the Financial Times (September 2018).

Bachelor in Business & Economics

The study program provides students with a solid academic foundation for a career in business

  • Entrepre­neurship
  • Government
  • Non-govern­ment organizations
  • Academia.

You will learn fundamentals of Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Manage­ment, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Law and Data Analytics. Furthermore, students will develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and cre­ativity. As mentioned above, SSE also encourages personal development such as reflection, self-awareness and cultural orientation. By choosing this Bachelor, you will con­tribute to the development of society and of individual corporations and organizations.

Bachelor in Retail Management

It’s a three-year program with a strong focus on retailing, including Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Management, Strategy. Many courses are adjusted to give both general content and retail-specific content. Moreover, the program prepares students for a successful career in retail or in companies that deal with business retailers, such as suppliers and management consultants. In conclusion, the graduates from the Retail Management program are in high demand in the retail sector and among other companies requiring retail experts.

The most recent employment report conducted among our 2018 bachelor graduates shows that it pays off to study at SSE. Among all graduates, 95% had found a job within three months of graduation.

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Are you fascinated by the potential of Digital Technology and ready to Study Abroad? Epitech is the right University that suits better your needs.

By studying at EPITECH, you can be a key partner of the Digital Evolution.

Epitech has been the leading IT university in France for 20 years and has opened 2 years ago a campus in Barcelona. Based in the area of innovation and technology of Barcelona (Vila Olimpica), EPITECH is deeply oriented in offering the best tools and methods to form students within the information technology surroundings.

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Below, I show you learnings and benefits the University is willing to provide you.

Innovation environment

Living in an environment in constant evolution, the campus is deeply based on providing innovative project-based learning methods. Moreover, the school aims to embrace innovation and digitalization in order to prepare its students for a future (I’d say present as well) fully digitalized and technology-based.

Technological Tools

From the moment EPITECH deals with IT and Innovation, you will take part in the latest technological advises occurring in areas. Just to mention some of them:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Videogames
  • Virtual Reality
  • Big Data
  • Robotics

Combining theoretical with practical ways of learnings, you will acquire IT skills by directly using technological tools and theoretical sources. Therefore, you will be provided with the highest technological skills, but also trained to develop soft skills and entrepreneur mentality.

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Outside the EPITECH boundaries

EPITECH gives you also the chance to have internships in leading IT companies, as well as one year of international experience and a powerful innovation ecosystem. In other words, you’ll be able to apply what you learn directly in a working environment, supporting then your working career and being particularly attractive for companies worldwide. In addition, EPITECH gives you the opportunity to have one year of international experience where you will be in contact with people from different nationalities. For this reason, it will be easier to improve your entrepreneur attitudes and embracing diversity.

Barcelona Ecosystem

Last but not least, EPITECH is located in Barcelona. Over the years, Barcelona has become one of the greatest Digital Hubs in Europe, offering you high chances to discover Digital and Innovative surroundings. Moreover, Barcelona is nowadays hosting several digital start-ups (Glovoo, Xceed, Badi etc.) reaching a high position in terms of Innovation-based European cities. Besides, Barcelona is bohemian. For instance, depending on your habits and lifestyle, you can easily find a neighbour, location and attraction that fits better your mood. Above all, Barcelona is so international that enables you to build up a strong people network and friendly relationships.

Learn more about Barcelona lifestyle by reading our Blog about “5 Reasons why should study abroad in Barcelona

In conclusion, if you are interested in the Digital Environment and ready to experience innovation and information technology, EPITECH is waiting for you.

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Saying “I´ll do it after Christmas” can ruin your grades… and your Christmas

I´m sure you know that time management is key regarding not only your studies, but your work or even your life. However, it is difficult to understand how to manage time, since very little people teach (or in fact, do know) how to efficiently manage time.
It is usual to think something like “the course starts around September, but it´s really after Christmas that things really get going”. This mentality can do a lot of harm to your grades, your mindset and self-esteem. So here are 3 tips on how to manage workload better.

1. If you can´t study, don´t study!

First, it is a common situation to find yourself too distracted when studying. Only when the exam-proximity effect kicks in, our minds are really focused… and nervous! For this situation, the first tip is: if you can´t study before Christmas… don’t! But do other tasks instead!

Read a couple of books related to the topic, write your own essays, watch subject-analogous videos, or see if there is homework that you can finish beforehand.

One technique that really works is finding how the topics you like relate to the ones you have to study: If you are a sports guy and have to study physics, read about the physics and mechanics of kicking a ball. If you like playing music but have to study economy, read about how the musical market works currently.

2. Small goals first

The second reason why we cannot get our heads around the problem is the large amount of information and time available. Teachers tend to schedule some assignments for fall but it is, in fact, true, that most of the workload will be scheduled for January and February. It is therefore important that you have your own system of dividing the work between months, and therefore weeks.

Having shorter goals will indubitably help you plan and, even if you miss some, you will cover more information, and have more under control after Christmas.

3. Put it in common

Communicate! Chat with your teachers, chat with your classmates, and if you are lucky, you should also contact former students! They went through the same problems and can tell you what to expect.

We hope these tips were useful for you and off course make sure to enjoy Christmas! 🙂


In previous generations, it used to be that a man (women were routinely reduced to stay-at-home mothers) could earn an adequate salary to support their growing family of 2-3 children, his spouse, and even a pet all without having to obtain a college degree.

That means that you could have the “American Dream” of the small house with the white picket fence, a new moderately priced vehicle, and even take your family on a vacation once or twice a year. Again, all without having stepped foot on a college campus.

However, things have completely changed and the days of a decent salary without a college degree have all but vanished without a trace.

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the U.S. making up over one-third of the population. Unlike their parents and grandparents where only 46% of the Baby Boomers had a college education, Millennials may be the most educated group in American history with well over 61% who have attended college.

The looming question is what happened over the course of a few decades that has made having a college degree such a crucial step in one’s career process? Over the course of 50 years, there are multiple factors that have caused a large shift in the U.S. economics and competition. Yet, there is one factor that is more than likely the biggest and probably most important and that is technology.

Technology has changed the nature of many industries and the positions that are held within them. Positions that once traditionally only required a high school diploma with a few years of experience now calls for a four-year bachelor’s degree.

For example, take positions like a Secretary or Administrative Assistant. For Baby Boomers to excel in this position they may have only needed strong organizational skills, typing, filing and to know how to answer a telephone. Now in order to make travel arrangements you need to know how to navigate different software applications. As for filing, more offices are becoming paperless so you need to know how to upload and access documents on a computer’s shared drive.

In some cases, you cannot even get an interview without a degree on your resume as the minimum requirement for an average entry-level job is now a bachelor’s degree.

While all of this can sound like a bit of a drawback, it is actually a bonus having attained your college degree. Overall, having a college degree shows that you have discipline, drive and that you can commit, complete and accomplish a challenge. Which in today’s leisure approach to life it is a strong attribute to possess.

Although things have changed dramatically with one needing a college degree to find a job, getting a college degree has become a much easier, attainable process. You can start by getting your bachelor’s degree in 18 months when previously it would take someone on average 4-5 years to complete. Before you make any decisions, make sure to research each university thoroughly and the programs that they are offering. Confirm that the institution is accredited by the proper governing boards. The most important thing is that you make a focused plan so that you can reap the benefits of a bright future.

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Finland… a country that has been ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world due to their overall stability. Consider, for instance, the feeling of being happy and obtaining a high quality of life and education. In this article I will give you a closer look at beautiful Finland and the strategy of Oulu University that will contribute to your knowledge and a rising wealthy world:

The title of the article might give you hundreds of thoughts and push you into the boundary of wanting to explore the Finish nature that meets outdoor lifestyle and technological innovation at universities. Sporting activities are popular in and outside universities in Finland, as a part of leisure time. Including walking, cycling, jogging, hiking, swimming and skiing. Let’s explore for yourself ꓼ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIKzsFd7z9g

International students seeking to enroll in a university in Finland must know that academic freedom is an important aspect. Schedules are not exactly fixed in comparison to other countries. One is independent to arrange its schedule and courses in a way that fits, wants and needs. Small groups of students, low hierarchy and equality contribute to the study skills of students with different educational backgrounds.

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Oulu University is an example of those universities, ranked as one of the best universities in Finland and possesses a place in the top 400 world-wide. The university aims to ‘’build research environments with critical mass, high ambition and strong international networks.’’ The university does this by providing higher education based on research. In addition, the pass rate of Oulu University remains the highest in Finland. Offering degree programs with well-structured placement opportunities to promote internalization.

Singapore is one of the most popular study destinations in Asia. With 3 universities top ranking worldwide, studying in Singapore has become quite the choice for young international students and local students as well.

International students seeking admission to enrol at schools in Singapore should take in consideration that English is the preferred language on most programmes. International students are encouraged to prepare themselves before taking the centralised test as they should be familiarized with the English language and Math of the level preceding the one they are applying for.

We are currently working with Singapore Management University (SMU), one of the best ranked Universities in Asia. Internationally recognised for its world class research and illustrious teaching. SMU´s mission is to generate a leading research platform whose global impact can impulse students to become the leaders in knowledge-based economy. SMU is currently the home of around 6 schools: School of Accountancy, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of Economics, School of Information Systems, School of Law and School of Social Sciences, offering a wide range of Bachelors, Master´s and PhD programmes.

Their main focus is to generate rigorous, high impact and relevant multi-disciplinary research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance. The Lee Kong Chian School is currently introducing a master’s programme in Finance happening on September 5th and a Master´s programme in Science Management on September the 18th , the admission is open for International students as well as local students.

These informative sessions will be held by the University as we will be hosting the event.

Students from around the world can make open questions and enquiries about the programme or anything related to the programmes admission process to the University directly and participate freely in the poling section on our innovative and easy to use platform

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If you’re interested to expand your cultural experiences and your educational background, you might want to try moving to Switzerland. There are around 12 universities in Switzerland and a few other applied sciences research Universities, who are supported by the government and whose local fees are fairly low.

We are currently helping the American Graduate School of Business promote their Bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes in the Marketing and Business management fields, if this is something you might be looking to do, register on our website. You’ll be invited to participate in our online open day for free, an informative session granted by the University for all the students around the world, an open invitation to get as much information as possible about the programmes. Don’t miss it, click Here

Switzerland has 4 national languages – Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansch – English language is common on Master´s level programs, the number of courses available at an undergraduate level in English in slowly growing, however, mostly at University of applied sciences. Swiss is an amazing country, as a fan and connoisseur, having travel myself quite a few times to the chocolate capital I can say, its diversity and beautiful landscapes, trapped me. I fell in love with energy of its people and their tidiness on almost everything they do.

The cost of living in Switzerland is high, Zurich was named one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, some institutions will grant scholarships for foreign students – make sure to check the local Swiss Embassy website for more detailed information. Many Universities in Switzerland has been categorized as the best in the world, proving that education wise they are really prepared to give their students the full experience.

Switzerland provides a variety of study options, many of them highly focused on research, make sure to read all the information necessary prior to applying as the tuition fees often change and the variety of programmes is wide.
You should be aware that if you are a non – EU student you must apply for a Switzerland visa.

Here are some useful links for non-EU students


Want to know more about programs in Switzerland? Click on our latest blog post https://bit.ly/2B9ENzJ

In order to being able to apply, many students have to go through a screening process where a few qualifications might be required, depending on the programme and the School. There are plenty of choices you can pick to study, but you should be aware of the qualifications that are and aren’t recognized in Switzerland. If a credential or qualification is not recognised, you will have to pass the full Swiss maturity exam.

If your program is in English you might need to bring your IELTS or TOEFL scores, no older than 3 months. Make Switzerland your next destination, not only they have the best quality of life but Europe’s most prestigious higher education systems.


Hello everyone and Good Day ladies and gents! Today I thought I should delight your eyes and minds with a topic a bit more… unconventional. There’s always been this confusion  about what a recent business graduate should undergo with regards to their further postgraduate education, which is why we are going to talk about the pros, cons, similarities, differences between doing an MSc (Master of Science) in Management and the infamous MBA (Master’s of Business Administration). So let’s get on with it, as pretty interesting stuff is about to unfold before you ?

Age/work experience

MSc or MBAThat’s right. The main impediment of being accepted for an MBA program is your work experience. You should know that the average age of graduates starting their MBA is around 27, whereas the average for doing an MSc is just 23! In other words, MBA’s are directly aimed at highly experienced professionals (at least 4 years of experience in the work field!); but in the case of an MSc, any recent Bachelor’s graduate can enrol, even if they don’t have work experience AT ALL  (0-2 years of experience being required)!

Teaching methods

MSc or MBAAnother difference between an MSc and an MBA consists of how the curricula are built, curricula that later impact on the students’ careers. For example, whilst an MSc is targeted at kickstarting the student’s career, what they MBA does is taking the student on step above further on the career ladder (as they get extremely in-depth business knowledge and not just some more surface knowledge like in the case of an MSc). While an MSc is about more theory, the MBA focuses on practicality, employing tools such as real-life case studies.

Show me the MONEY!

MSc or MBAThe hottest section of the blog I would say, eh? The difference in tuition fees is uncanny and it cannot be unseen. An MBA’s tuition can reach even the astronomical fee of $100,000 at an hugely prestigious university! MSc are waaay more affordable than MBA’s, a very good MSc should not cost you more than $30,000! You may be like – SAY WHAAAAT?? But that is why we are here – to reassure you that both are good investments: having an MBA can easily pay you a salary of $100,000 and an MSc of $50,000!

Employment prospects

MSc or MBAMBA’s have always been received with high praise by companies, Human Resources being aware of the value MBA holders can bring to the company, while MSc’s are currently rapidly growing around the world with regards to their popularity. And MBA can easily land you an Executive position in any company, but at the same time being an MSc graduate can be qualified for entry and mid-level position due to the lack of their depth.

Online Open Days

Confused? Undecided? Lost? Do you identify yourself with any of those adjectives when it comes to your current state of affairs while looking for your postgraduate program? The Study Abroad Portal is here to help you make the BEST decision, all you have to do is to register for any of the following online open days and get more information on what BEST suits you:


We all know The Netherlands is a technologically advanced country, where innovation and sustainability are two of the pillar-values the Dutch society is based on. But how are those technological improvements generated? The answer is easy – by having an extremely performant educational system producing knowledge that after is transformed into real-life applications. To that, we have to thank the largest technical university in the country, which is Eindhoven University of Technology. Let’s walk together through the main things that make it an awesome place to study!

Ultra-modern university premises!

Eindhoven University of TechnologyI am not joking around with that statement. Eindhoven University of Technology has one of the most modern and futuristic-looking campuses in The Netherlands. And no, I am not referring just to the library, the classrooms or the gym. Workshops are equipped with the latest technological equipment, for a memorable teaching experience. As it can be observed, the Dutch educational system is principally based on practicality rather than on memorization, thing that makes is so performant, right? Students are taught how to do their future jobs, rather than being fed information which they will never use in the future.

Super decent tuition fees!

Eindhoven University of TechnologyAs stated in our previous the blog, tuition fees in a nutshell are extremely decent at Eindhoven University of Technology. As they are standardised by the central Dutch Government (while being also vastly subsidised by it), they start at around €2,000 per academic year (and €6,000 for non-EU students). Less expensive than countries like U.S.A or U.K, that’s for sure! And on top of that, guess what else is available for motivated future students just like you – SCHOLARSHIPS! There are certain schemes running in the Netherlands offering scholarships to students based on merit and universities sometimes offer them as well.

The city they call the ‘Brainport’

Eindhoven University of TechnologyAny idea why the Eindhoven region is called ‘Brainport’? I’ll tell you why – because apparently it is considered the ‘smartest region of the world’. Why the smartest? Because it creates technology. ‘Technology for what?’ you may wonder. It’s simple, this technology is used to solve the societal issues of today and of the future. In other words, there is a continuous need for people in the area, meaning that there will always be countless employment opportunities for talented technicians. And where would local employers go search for talented technicians? Exactly, you’ve guessed it right – their local talent pool called Eindhoven University of Technology!

Future is being built today

It is indeed. Eindhoven can easily be considered the Silicon Valley of Europe, since many inventions and innovations have had their origin there over the past several decades. Does anyone remember the infamous Compact Disc (or CD)? It was developed by Philips in a joint project with Sony and it became reality in Eindhoven! These days, Eindhoven itself, alongside its centrepiece – Eindhoven University of Technology, are all about improving society via science and technology, addressing issues like sustainability, green energy, agri-food, or health, so why not the opportunity to become a technician in those fields today?

Online Open Days

It’s so easy to do that! Are you passionate about Technology and willing to study abroad in The Netherlands? Then why not get in touch today with Eindhoven University of Technology officials and get any questions you may have answered directly by them? All you have to do is choose whichever online open day presented by Eindhoven University of Technology you are interested in and register for it – you will get all the info that you need on your email ?