What is an Online Open Day?

An online open day is a 1 hour webinar in which a university, college or business school presents a specific Bachelors, Masters, MBA, PhD or Short Course. The online open day is free to attend and it’s interactive which means you can ask questions.

The Online Open Days connect you with a great variety of both private and public universities and Business Schools worldwide and is the ideal research method for all prospective students that are looking for the best Bachelor, Master, PhD, MBA or Short Course in any field of study. Experienced program directors, officers and existing students will introduce you to their field of expertise and present you all the program features:

  • The content of the program
  • The career prospects
  • The student life
  • The program admission requirements
  • The tuition fees and the scholarship opportunities and
  • So much more

In the end of the presentation you can ask questions in the Q&A. This will help clarify any doubts you might have about this program.

How an Online Open Day works

An Online Open Day is the latest ground-breaking version of the traditional university open day but in this case, you’ll be attending it from home. The participation steps are simple and straight forward:

1 – You choose the online open day you wish to attend taking country, field of study and type of program into consideration. You can also search for online open days from specific universities

2 – You register, its fast and easy

3 – Reminders will be send out to ensure that you do not forget (including a personal phone call, SMS reminders and a RoboCall)

4 – On the day of the Online Open Day, you just need to go online, access the webinar through the link that you’ll find in your inbox, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the session.

Benefits of an Online Open Day

  • Absolutely no costs
    Online Open Days are free for you, your friends and your family to attend
  • Not time-consuming
    Online Open Days last about 1 hour
  • No specific software tools necessary
    Internet connection is all you need to participate in an Online Open Day
  • Wide range of countries, universities and programmes
    You choose the best Online Open Days that fits your needs
  • No limited number of sessions
    Attend as many Online Open Days as you wish
  • Ask questions
    You are welcome to ask as many questions as you wish during the live presentation
  • Recorded versions
    Missed some information? You can watch the recorded Online Open Day later
  • Time doesn’t matter
    Missed an Online Open Day you are interested in? You can still watch it when you get the chance
  • Kind reminders
    Worried you will forget about the Online Open Day? No worries, you’ll get friendly reminders