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Study Abroad :: Type of Program

Bachelor graduationThe university program is of course the most important parameter when it comes to your studies choices. The variety of Bachelor, Master, PhD and MBA programs is getting greater every day and this can make things harder but The Study Abroad Portal is here to help you.

The academic content of a specific program can be clear to you but it can also be pretty confusing for prospective students with no previous experience in the field.

In any case, to make the right choice, you should take into consideration the below:

  • What is the required school or academic background – what are the knowledge requirements for successfully attending the program? Do you have what it takes?
  • What are the compulsory modules? Do they cover the main area of your interest?
  • Are there any choice modules? Will they offer you specialization in the field you want to focus on?
  • What’s the structure of the academic schedule? How many hours of classes and personal learning will you need to invest in your studies?

To find out more about the programs of your interest and get the answers to the above questions, join the free interactive webinars of your choice and let your future begin.

In any case, chose a program that you really feel passionate about. Later on, you will always be able to modify and adapt your career path towards your more specific preferences but it’s important to have a solid basis to build on.

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