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Designers of the future choose MSc Industrial Design in Holland

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Designers of the future choose MSc Industrial Design in Holland
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Are you ready to design the products and systems that will transform our society? By blending the physical and digital worlds, the MSc Industrial Design at TU Eindhoven goes beyond traditional product design. The program focusses on the design of intelligent systems, products and services in a societal context.

Based on your aspirations after graduation, you can choose between three different tracks: management, development or research. The self-directed educational model challenges you to develop your unique vision and professional identity as a designer. Our internationally oriented program challenges students to be creative and proactive, which brings about a welcoming and close-knit community. Eindhoven not only lies at the technological heart of the Netherlands, it’s also one of Europe’s design capitals.

  • The program structure that offers three tracks: management, development or research
  • The self-directed educational model that prepares you for the future
  • The different design projects, often including a real business client, government agency or NGO
  • The strong societal focus of the program
  • The admission requirements
  • Miguel BrunsDirector of Education
  • Fabienne van LeidenIndustrial Design Master’s student
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