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Fields of studyThe field of studies is the scientific area of the program, the family in which each academic course belongs. Some field of studies have a very long history but new areas of expertise arise every year. In general, every university faculty focuses on one field but there are also academic institutions that specialize on one single subject. This case is of course ideal as this kind of institutions achieve more by putting all their efforts towards one direction.

If you are unsure about which program to choose but you already know your preferred area, you’ll need to look at each of the programs offered, analyze the content similarities and differentiation points and then choose the one closer to your aspirations and career goals.

To explore the fields of your interest and identify the most suitable program, join the free interactive webinars of your choice and let your future begin.

In any case, look for the experts of your field by checking the university rankings based on the faculties. Usually, the different university departments do not offer the same quality of studies but each institution has their “star” departments, so get ready to track them down.

For example, if you are looking to study Marketing or International Business Management, you should look for the best business schools, whereas if you are interested in Engineering, you need to search for the best Technological and Engineering universities worldwide.

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